What do people think about my services?

Lara has been a very consistent, compassionate help to me as I contend with the day-to-day challenges of Diabetes. She is knowledgeable and understands that there are no cookie-cutter answers or quick fixes. Lara’s ability to personalize her services sets her apart as a wellness advocate. In addition to help with food choices and behavior modification, she’s taught me how to develop better coping skills to decrease the stress in my life.
— Madison F.
Lara has been a huge inspiration and role model in my life for about 10 years now. I leave our interactions feeling encouraged and excited about health. I’m constantly picking her brain about diet, exercise, and how to have an all around healthy lifestyle - she always inspires me to aim to be healthier. Without even knowing it, I practice things I have learned from her, whether I’m feeling lazy and not wanting to work out or I’m in a restaurant and unsure what to order, a conversation we’ve had sometime over the years will pop into my mind and help me to make the right decision. I don’t think she even realizes she’s done that or had that impact. She is truly knowledgeable, and makes being healthy an obtainable goal for everyone. I feel lucky to have her guidance and support.
— Lilli D.
With every exchange I have with Lara I am constantly blown away. Quite often I talk with her about personal and difficult challenges, and she always leads me to a better place. When I am overwhelmed I turn to Lara and she gives me the tools and insight to not only change my perspective but find positivity in negative times. Lara is fearless and holds unwavering support for the people in her life. Her experience and education has guided her to find innovative approaches to overcoming obstacles and setting and meeting personal goals. She has been a source of inspiration to me and helped me through my most difficult times.

Lara has unconventional and innovative approaches to challenges that reflects not only her experience and compassion, but shows her ability to deeply connect with the people around her. She is an exceptional person and I am a better human for having her in my life.
— Amy O.
Lara has an amazing perspective on life and an unparalleled ability to share that with others. There have been a string of stressful life events that have led me to bottle up emotions. Lara was there for me throughout the experience; she helped me look at my life and the decisions I had to make through a positive lens. One of the best pieces of advice she gave me was to simply live in the moment. I now try to live my life by that wonderful advice and the continuing flow of stress relieving and energy boosting tips she has in her toolbox for success in life.
— Chey O.
I have wanted to move forward in my career for some time. I had encouragement from coworkers and took a prep course a few years ago in an attempt to work up the courage to get over the fears I had with transitioning in my career, but was still unable to make the move. Then I attended some of Lara’s workshops and began following her blog. Her perspective and mindset to approaching change struck a major cord with me. I believe her views have helped me see and pave a way to finally dealing with my anxiety issues that were holding me back. After 10 years in the same position, I finally reached for and received a job promotion!
— Naomi L.