Free half-hour consultation

During this consultation, we will briefly get to know each other and discuss what your goals and barriers are. After this call, I will follow up with your personal program proposal. Please click HERE if you are interested in this option.

One-hour session

This session is similar to the half-hour consultation, but I will also provide short-term strategies. This is appropriate for someone who is not a candidate for, or uninterested in, a personalized program. Please click HERE if you would like more information about this option.

Multi-session personalized program

A personalized program is typically 8-12 sessions, discounted, and tailored based on your current context, goals, and struggles. I recommend starting with a free, half-hour consultation (see above) so that I can better assess what type of program is most appropriate for you.

In addition to scheduling a session, I recommend that you check out my blog posts (click HERE) to find out more about my personality and approach.