Does the following describe you?

  • You wake up most mornings thinking you'll "get it right" today.

  • You struggle with perfectionism and anxiety.

  • You spend a lot of energy thinking about, planning, & executing rigid diet and exercise plans.

  • You spend a lot of time thinking about what you'll do when you finally get a break from the rigid plans.

  • You believe that once you lose a certain amount of weight or finally tone your flabby [insert body part of choice]

    • You will be happier

    • Your life will be better

    • You can finally stop dieting

  • You are looking for a permanent solution, not another quick fix that keeps you on a health roller coaster.



If any of this resonates with you, I have a solution.



As your Personal Wellness Advocate, I will help you discover a custom approach for how to settle your body battle & find a more peaceful way of living.



My holistic approach is sensitive, yet no-nonsense, and combines mind, body, and spirit. I will work with you to build the confidence and skills necessary to achieve lasting changes that come from the inside out.


You will feel empowered, encouraged, & energized!


I am currently accepting a limited number of clients.

Please email me today to set up a free consultation.