Challenge Abstract Ambitions


You’re failing.

All day, every day.

It’s never enough, you could always do more.

You’ve chosen arbitrary goal posts, and you consistently fall short.

What if you changed the goal posts?

What if there were no goal posts?


One reason most of us have difficulty with a “no goal” mentality is because we have been conditioned to believe that our worth comes from reaching goals.


You could get new goal posts.

You could change your thoughts about the goal posts.

You could engineer your environment (e.g., social, physical) so that it better supports a new mentality.

For example,

Who are your people?

What do you consume?


You could view “failure”

As an opportunity.

As information.

As neutral feedback.

With curiosity.

Without judgment.


As we embark on a new year, consider how you define failure.


Challenge your thoughts – they are not necessarily facts.


Consider how you‘ve created your own constraints.


Happy New Year,