Eyes Ears Mouth Mind: A Collective Approach to Consumption

Your overall health is more than what you eat at each meal. Certainly what you eat is important, but we consume things other than food.

The things you ingest, are exposed to, and allow into your world affect you.

You may be aware of how you’re affected. Likely, you are not.


If you are trying to lose weight it is worth examining all areas of your life, not just what is on your plate.

I challenge you to take a closer look at the things you consume on a regular basis - with your eyes, ears, mouth, and mind.



What do you watch often? What types of shows, movies, video clips do you regularly view? What do you read? How often are you doing these things? How often are you on social media? Who do you follow on Instagram? What websites do you visit? What leads you to view these things? Boredom, stress, anxiety?


Begin to notice how what you view may be affecting your health.


For example, notice how you feel when you view others’ lives through the lens of social media.

Do you feel envious? Do you have a fear of missing out? Do you compare yourself to others?


Whether or not you are aware of it, what you view affects the thoughts you have (usually subconsciously), the behaviors you engage in and, in turn, the outcomes you experience.

The good news is that you can make a different choice at any time. Consider taking steps to address what you view.

Try to become more mindful. You don’t have to change anything with regards to what you consume with your eyes. The first goal is to simply notice. Begin to raise awareness around when, how often, and what you spend time looking at.

A possible next step would be to examine how you feel prior to and after watching a certain show, engaging in social media, or reading a magazine, for example.

If you’re ready to tackle a larger goal, try actually changing one thing you consume with your eyes. Perhaps you could remove a social media app from your phone or deactivate an account. Try limiting how much news you watch or your exposure to celebrity gossip.

See how you feel.



What are you listening to on a regular basis? Music? Podcasts? Keeping the television on as background noise (this seeps in!)? Gossip? Negative conversations?

Again, the first step is just becoming more aware, without changing anything.

Try noticing what you hear. Notice how you feel.


If you’re interested in taking another step, use what you consume with your ears to help you reach your health goals. If you want to focus on positivity and make positive changes, consume uplifting things with your ears. For example, listen to a podcast that promotes a positive message or one that stimulates creativity.



This is a big category. What are you eating, drinking, and/or smoking? When and why are you consuming these things? How do you feel before and after you consume them?

Does what you consume with your mouth support

-       Your health goals?

-       The person you want to be?


For example, do you eat from a place of restriction and rules?

Do you use food

-       As entertainment?

-       As a way to assuage emotion?

-       For reasons other than to nourish?


Notice when and why you eat, and how you feel just prior to and after eating.



What do you consume with your mind? What does this mean?

For instance, what thoughts do you entertain?

What are the stories you tell yourself over and over?


Do you focus on the facts or the drama?


Can you even tell the difference?


Your thoughts drive your actions. The actions you take produce your results.

If you’re wondering why you continue to get the same results, check your thoughts.


The things you consume with your eyes, ears, and mouth are connected to your thoughts.


Regardless of your awareness or acknowledgement, you are constructing your reality.


How do you use the things you consume? To enhance or avoid? Can you tell the difference?


You always have a choice.


Much Love Y’all,