Musings From a Boot: Lessons I've Been Reminded of Through Injury

As some of you know, I have been struggling with injuries for the past 6 months. Although injuries are physically and mentally difficult, they can also serve as fascinating reminders of life lessons.

I have had the great fortune to write a guest blog post about what injury has taught me for Heidi Armstrong's Injured Athlete's Toolbox. Heidi's expertise is in helping people navigate the maze of injury. She is thoughtful, empathetic, and knowledgeable, and understands firsthand the difficulties and gifts injury provides. Heidi helps injured athletes to move from feeling frustrated, impatient, and angry, to feeling optimistic, patient, and motivated by teaching them the essential tools for injury recovery.


Below are a couple of excerpts from my post:

"Impermanence – For Better or Worse.  Impermanence is a core principle I try to live by. It’s something that I find consoles me when I’m in pain and humbles me when I get a little too big for my britches. Situations, people, things - these are all transient. Injury provides another context in which I can practice this paradigm. I love running. I feel most like myself when I’m running. As soon as I’m done running I wish I was still running. Pretty much any time you see me, I’d rather be running. But running is a positive in my life that will not always be there. Impermanence. Perhaps it is only unavailable temporarily (e.g., with my latest injury), but there may be a day when I am completely unable to run again (e.g., due to old age). I can relish in the joy that exists while I’m able to run. I am reminded that this joy is not dependent upon speed or distance. The ability to run is an example of a good thing that is impermanent. On the other hand, my current injury is also impermanent [insert red dress lady dancing emoji] – a less-positive thing that will not last for ever. For better or for worse, I’m thankful for being reminded, “this too shall pass.”

"My Insides are Trying to Tell Me Something.  My body is a crying baby. It is trying to tell me something, but it’s hard for me to determine what. My latest injury has helped illuminate some long-standing coping mechanisms. I do truly enjoy physical activity, but I believe my injuries are (at least partially) a result of my inability to directly and productively face negative emotion. I have fear, insecurity, and anxiety that I feel ill-equipped to handle at times. I can’t face the negative emotion, and then - double whammy - I can’t face the not knowing how to address it. I’m largely unaware of what’s happening as my body moves in autopilot, because my conscious mind just thinks “I want to go run” or “I feel like going to the gym.” When I lose my activity outlets, I’m much more aware of the raw emotion that lurks."



I hope you'll read the full post "Musings From a Boot: Lessons I've Been Reminded of Through Injury" for more of my thoughts on how injury can be a beautiful teacher.

I also think you'll find Heidi's services helpful if you are injured or know someone who is injured.

Much Love Y'all,