Chill Out On The New Year’s Resolutions

I hope your holiday has been relaxing and happy! Most of you are likely gearing up for New Years. Maybe you are thinking of ways to spend New Year’s Eve, planning to veg out on New Year’s Day, and making a list of your 2016 resolutions.

How many of your 2015 resolutions did you accomplish? Perhaps many of these are back on the list for 2016.

I say, chill out on these. Think outside of the box.


There will be no New Year’s resolutions for me, as I believe that is the surest route to not doing whatever it is I resolve to do. However, in these last few days of 2015, I am reflecting on my year and identifying things I would like to focus on in 2016. In general, I plan to do the following and encourage you to do the same.

  • Start NOW on your resolutions. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to start being perfect in your chosen behavior on and after January 1st. Just start now, even in a small way.


  • Spend your January 1st the way you would like to spend most days in 2016. For example:
    • Eat food that promotes health, like things that are fresh, green, and don’t come from a package.
    • Spend time with people who bring joy into your life and know how to reciprocate, rather than those who drag you down with drama or take you for granted.
    • Laugh.
    • Connect with nature by taking a walk or spending time sitting quietly outdoors.


  • Challenge your need for comfort. Comfort = Stagnation. Embracing discomfort is how we grow, and I plan on doing a lot of this in 2016.


Much love y’all,