Scare City or AbunDANCE?

I hope that your weeks are off to a good start. Mine is off to a bang, complete with dental work and – tah dah! – my blog. Some of you who have been privy to my braindumps about how to best convey my wellness services and effectively connect with those who need them, will likely LOL at this. Although I was pretty adamant about not blogging at first (and also, like, yesterday), I realized that I had a lot I wanted to share with people through my website, and this seems like the best way to do that. So, apparently, I’m blogging now. As is the case with most things in life, this venture is a process, and will always be.  So feel free to “take what resonates and leave the rest,” as my favorite plant-powered ultra-athlete Rich Roll advises.

Annnnd we are off!

Have you been spending time in Scare City? You know. That place where there’s never enough. The mental black hole of never enough time, never enough money, never enough pounds lost, never enough exercise to get you to your goal. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there too. We may spell it “scarcity,” but it mostly feels like Scare City. When we approach things from this mindset, which comes from a place of fear, there WILL never be enough. It’s all around us; we are being constantly reminded that there isn’t enough.


“Get rich now!”

“Lose more weight, so you can finally have the life you envision!”

“Read one more book, so you can finally have the magic answer to losing weight once & for all!”

“Exercise more so you can get rid of those extra pounds!”

“Hurry up and be successful, so you can hurry up and be who you want to be, so you can hurry up and do what you’d actually rather be doing!”


So. Much. Hurrying. It’s exhausting. But for what? Where do we draw the line? Is this the old adage of “hurry up and wait?” There will always be something to hurry up for, but what about right NOW? How do you want to feel right now? What can you do right now? Thus, the alternative – abunDANCE!

Which sounds like a lot more fun. And luckily it’s here RIGHT NOW. We can be happy for all that is present now and take joy in nothing lacking in this moment. You’re enough in this moment to take the steps you want to take to reach a goal. You are enough in this moment to do whatever you want to do. And the irony is, you will have a helluva time ever reaching a goal until you accept that you are enough. Channel that time you are spending on justifications for why you are not choosing something IN THIS MOMENT that aligns with a goal …“I’ll start on next week” sound familiar? Channel the energy or money that you were going to spend on the magic bullet diet plan that will finally get you to some future goal weight. Channel all of that into taking an actual step right NOW.

Story time!

I have wanted to try a hip-hop dance class for several years now, and the only thing stopping me was good ol’ fashioned fear – fear of embarrassing myself and the "awesome dancer when I'm alone" troop. Fear of not being a good enough dancer to even step foot in the class. Fear of someone else being better than me. And the most jank part of it all is how did I think I was going to overcome these fears? By sitting in my house, alone, thinking about how I wasn’t good enough? Absurd! But that’s what I did. For years.

So I ripped the band-aid last week and did it. I went to a hip-hop class and danced in my uncoordinated, semi-robotic, awkward way. When told to, I flung my arms in the air and waved them all around like I just didn’t care. I sashayed my hips on cue. I gave it my all on a-five, six, five-six-seven-eight. I tried to act like the other people weren’t around or, at best, were but weren’t paying attention to me.

And wouldn’t you know, it worked.

Not only did I overcome most of my self-consciousness, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t actually enjoy myself. I couldn’t stop smiling. Everyone else was having fun, too! No one was rockin’ Beyonce-style skills, or maybe they were, but no one cared. I popped, locked, and dropped my way to having fun and accepting me for who I was in the moment, and I was rewarded IN THE MOMENT. 

Needless to say, I went back for more this week. Because who doesn’t want to have fun RIGHT NOW?

I challenge you to do the same.

If it’s hip-hop, then get after it. Or try something else. Eat an apple. Skip the second helping. Take a walk. A slow one. A short one. Where you don’t even break a sweat. Just do something now, without any more thinking or planning. Leave me a comment (hint: click on the title of this blog post, if you haven't already, to activate comments) about your thoughts, single steps, and hip-hop-ish progressions. Don’t regretfully resign to another year passed without reaching some longstanding goal to improve your health. Find joy in the moment, embrace the process instead of resisting it, and smile.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to reside in Scare City. I’d rather just DANCE.


Much love y’all,