Do you want to feel better? 

Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to lose weight?

Have you tried every diet in an attempt to find “the one”?

Have you been successful in other areas of your life, but have not yet been able to live in peace with your body?

Are you tired of battling with yourself over food?

Are you tired of dieting?

Do you tell yourself you’ll “start next week” or “get to that when things slow down”?

Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin?






Does any of this ring true? If so, I can help. If you are tired of being "stuck" where you are (maybe it's isolating, frustrating, or discouraging), I will advocate for you, even when you aren't advocating for yourself. Through a positivity-charged, plant-based, and process-driven approach, I'll help you find self-propelling and sustainable ways to achieve peace with eating and your body.

If you've tried countless diets & exercise regimes, tend towards perfectionism, and live with anxiety, you've come to the right place. If you are willing to keep an open mind & try some things that may feel scary, contact me today. I will help you determine why you continue to struggle with food and weight, and how you can stop your internal battle.


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